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National Hero


New English Version!

Mirko Plavšić

Yugoslav Orders and Medals
(Former Yugoslavia)

This is the First Phaleristic Computer Program. 
Phaleristics is a branch of numismatics, a scientific discipline that takes as a subject the science of medals. The name comes from the Latin word "phalerae" meaning jewelry on the brest.
Yugoslav Orders and Medals is meant for serious collectors of medals and orders, as well as for those who intend to become such.
Anybody wanting to widen his knowledge, which wants to increase his knowledge about near history and Yugoslav phaleristics, should own this CD. 
Yugoslav Orders and Medals is giving us the whole range of Yugoslav orders and medals. Fantastic pictures, and description of all orders and medals is introducing us to the world of Yugoslav phaleristics. 
Touching virtually every piece of Yugoslav Orders, Medals and Decorations from 1941. Get current valuations end learns more about this part of History.

With this New approach You can increase every part of the any orders from this CD.
How? Simply, click on the picture and that's all.
On the picture on the left side we can see how this option looks like.

Magnifying Glass Settings

On the left side we can see options for magnifying glass setting. We can change degree of magnification.


RIBBONS (Included)

Orders and Medals Values Included!

 For Windows 9x operating system in 800x600 Screen Resolution!
CopyRight Mirko Plavsic